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Here we are ladies and gentlemen! This is the final Fantasy Update for the Hiatus Fantasy League. I am happy to say that our final episode, "Maternity Leave," was our highest scoring episode to date! Week 7 pulled us out of a long slide but Week 8 puts us over the top. How appropriate that we go out with a bang.

Sadly though, I was sick and barely able to speak when it came time to get this video ready, so you'll have to wait until the start of the Season 4 Fantasy League to see my face again. The good news is that the video is much shorter for a change!

DarkUFO and I want to thank each and every one of you for your questions, comments, praises, criticisms and hate mail over the past 14 weeks. Your collective patience has allowed us to test the scoring database and helped me get some practice in on making videos. All your feedback and the episodes we watched have helped us refine our rules.

Speaking of our scoring rules, DarkUFO and I have finished writing up our official League rule book. On Monday we will put it here on the site for you all to see. Now you will be able to follow along while watching the episodes and get an early idea of how your team will fair for the week. Some come back on Monday and check it out. We may even have a few other items for your veiwing pleasure as well.

But enough talking- let's get to it! Check out the video (sans me), read all the usual data below and brace yourself for Season 4! Remember, you can always leave comments (no spoilers please!) and ask us questions anytime you like (LFLquestions@gmail.com).

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