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Lost Arg 2 - Calling for Vounteers

Update: 16:30 We've just opened up the new section for the new Lost Arg - Find 815. We will be posting all future ARG info in the new section, so make sure you check it out and bookmark it. We'll be adding new content as soon as it is released.

NOTE: If you want to be a contributer, can you actually email me rather that leaving your email in the comments. Thanks.

As you may or may not know ABC have started a new Lost ARG style game. We've started following it here on the homepage but I'm about to create a new section to the site for people to follow it more closely.

As a result I'm looking for vounteers who follow the game/arg to help contribute new videos/findings/clues etc with me.

If you're interested leave a comment here and email me and I'll hook you up.

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