DarkUFO - Lost

Flyoceanicair.com has been updated

Update: 1t Jan 17:50 Comments to this post have now been disabled as all Find 815 ARG related information is now in the new Find 815 section.

Update: 1st Jan 2008 13:30 Thanks to DocArzt for the following images

Update: 1st Jan 2008 10:00 A new site on the same server has been found. http://www.the-maxwell-group.com/ Currently it has a Username and Password so keep looking out for changes on this site.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me.

http://www.flyoceanicair.com has been updated which then leads to http://find815.com/

The new video from Fly Oceanic is below.

This leads to the new site which has the following videos.

My good friend The ODI has already taken some good screencaps from some extra screen and clues here.

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