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Missing Booklet in US DVD Release

Update: thanks to Susan for scanning in the Booklet for others to see.

(Click to Enlarge)

Thanks to KeepingAwake for the following warning about your DVD. Check that you have the booklet before purchasing.

On The Fuselage, we seem to have a huge number of Americans who bought their DVD sets when they went on sale Tuesday and the same complaint is surfacing over and over and over and over again--no booklet that gives the playlist/eppy synopses was included!

Any thoughts on the best way to publicize this? Even if it's just a post so that if one fan finds a successful resolution to this issue, that can be shared? Thanks!

Should add that some of us have the booklet and some don't. So it's obviously a production error of some sort, rather than a Buena Vista Entertainment decision to exclude the booklets from American sets.

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