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Interview with Francois Chau

My friend Daniel who runs http://www.blogteoriaslost.blogspot.com has kindly let me post an short interview he conducted with Francois Chau recently. Note that Daniel kindly translated this for us into English and contains very mild spoilers.

1 Once I read an Evangeline Lilly's interview in which she said she'd need to know a little bit more about the scene she was about to play in order to make it better, to really get involved. Do the producers talk about the scene you're going to play or everything you know is actually what we see on Lost? I mean, is there any behind the scenes information?

I am just given the scene as it is written. I am not told any kind of background info on it.

2 Is there anything you know about the Orchid video that we don't know? Some of us have been wondering about that video whether it is accurate or not since the producers said that nothing is going to be answered with "time travel" concepts. Lost fans have studied about the video and they came up with the idea that they were both the same bunnies. What do you think happened on that video?

As I said, you probably know more about the scene than I do. There was no discussion as to what the scene is about. I had not thought of the "time travel" aspect, but anything is possible. "Dr. Candle" did seem to be afraid of the bunnies touching each other, if that means anything. Personally, I just thought it was some kind of cloning thing

3 We (think we) know you don't play only one character. Do you have any theory about the names? I mean, do you think they're one person faking the names?

Again, I really don't know. It was a complete surprise to me the first time "Dr. Candle" showed up as "Dr. Wickmund". I am inclined to believe that "Dr. Candle" is the main guy and that the others are "alias".

4 We were introduced to the Looking Glass station last season, no orientation film was showed, any chance we're going to see you again next year?

I was told unofficially that "Dr. Candle" will be feature more prominently, if not in the coming season, then , in the next. Who knows if that's true or not.

5 I read you watch the show when you can, especially when your friend Yunjin is in it: do you have any theory about what's going on or what's coming next?

I have no ideas about what's going on.

6 Having an eye on Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert on Lost), whom we are not going to see much next year because he is now on another show and some news in which I see most of the actors have parallel business: could you tell us how do the producers deal with the contract? Are they free to do whatever they want apart from Lost? In addiction, what do you think about it?

I don't know what kind of contracts, if any, the producers have with the actors who play recurring characters on the show. It's possible that some are under contract for a guaranteed certain number of shows. Some could have started out as just a one shot deal and then were brought back. In any case, I believe everyone is free to pursue other work, especially if they are not under contract.

7 Anything you'd like to share with us about the fans? Do they look scared or curious at you or even ask any question? :P

The "LOST" fans are incredible! I have gotten many letters and e-mails from all over the world, and they have all been incredibly kind and supportive. They are all also very curious as to what is really going on. I feel bad that I have no info to give them. The fans I meet in person are also the same. "Can you tell me any secrets?" is what I'm always asked.

Source: Blog Teorias Lost

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