DarkUFO - Lost

No real surprises in Poll 1 yesterday with Eko's Stick and Hurley's Lottery Ticket advancing through to the Qtr-Finals, which start today.

Eko’s Stick: (41%)
Hurley’s Lottery ticket: (30%)
Flight Manifest: (16%)
Mikhail’s Eye Patch: (13%)

The second poll was a bit closer and surprised me to see Ben's Bunny push out the Raft.

Swan Station Orientation Film: (47%)
Ben’s Bunny: (20%)
Michael’s Raft/s: (19%)
Walt’s Comic: (14%)

Today we see the first of the Qtr-Finals, and you can only vote for 1 item this time with the winner going through to the Semi-Finals.

Thanks again to Dharmageddon who has created a brand new set of excellent photos for this round.

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