DarkUFO - Lost

WOW!! After a day of back and forth lead changes yesterday's too-close-to-call matchup is finished. Congratulations to Michael! He edged out Ethan by a slim 124 votes, making for one of the closest matchups of the entire Character Cup. Michael will move on to Round 4, while Ethan has moved on to that great big Island in the sky (for a second time).

After some close matchups and a blowout, you have to wonder what the next 24 hours will bring us. The Cup pairings are becoming increasingly unpredictable in terms of figuring out who will win and by how much.

Well, tonight brings us the Scotsman vs. the French Chick. Will Mr. Congeniality win you over with his charm, accent, and scruff? Or, will Rousseau live up to her title as the Bracket Buster? There's only one way to find out!

Just a reminder, we'll be taking a brief hiatus with the Character Cup after this matchup. I have to go away for a business function and won't be able to post any new matchups until Sunday evening. So enjoy this last matchup until then, and get ready for things to heat up in the final 3 matchups of Round 3.

Okay, go vote!

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