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E!Online Awards


Lost has been nominated in the following categories at E!Onlines yearly awards.

Best Drama
Besta Drama ensemble
Best fight (Jin vs Mikhail)
Best chemistry (Sawyer & Kate / Jack & Kate)
Biggest tearjerker (Charlie's death)
Star we'll miss the most (Dominic Monaghan)
Biggest badguy (Ben)
Best breakout star (Elizabeth Mitchell)
Biggest shocker (Jack & Kate are off the island)
Best Kiss (Sawyer & Kate)
Best Show of Skin (Sawyer & Kate)
Godforsaken Love Polygon You're Totally Over (Sawyer-Kate-Jack-Juliet)
Lover with Whom Kristin Should Have a Torrid Affair (Josh Holloway)
Best Line ("If you say 'live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm going to punch you in your face" —Rose)

Pop on over to E!Online and vote for Lost. Voting ends on Monday, August 27. That gives us 5 days left to vote!

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