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Congratulations to Tom Brennan and Steve Jenkins! They will be moving on to Round 2 of the prelim tourney. Round 2 is fast approaching, so get ready to have to choose between the characters you may have already showed support for.

Today, both of Kate's parents are facing off against very dangerous men. The question you must decide on is, who is more important to Lost?

Cast your vote and let us know why.

Ryan Pryce
Status: Other (Deceased)
Ryan Pryce was a member of the Others. He appeared to be in charge of security and enforcement, as he was sent by Ben to commandeer the sailboat and to capture any pregnant women from the Lostie beach camp. He was run over and killed by Hurley in the DHARMA van.
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Sam Austen
Status: Flashback Character (Alive)
Sam Austen is a member of the U.S. military. He served in Operation Dessert Storm, where he met Sayid. Later in life, he worked at a recruitment office, where he was visited by Kate shortly after she had killed her father. Sam was involved with Kate’s mother and Kate thought of him as her real father.
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Diane Janssen
Status: Flashback Character (Alive?)
Diane worked as a waitress for many years in Iowa and is the mother of Kate. When Kate murdered Diane’s husband, Diane notified the authorities, something Kate said she would never forgive her for. Later in life, Diane was stricken by cancer and was secretly visited by Kate in the hospital.
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Status: Flashback Character (Deceased)
Emeka was a ruthless warlord in Nigeria. He forced the village of Eko’s brother, Yemi, into a sour deal, exchanging the village’s safety for vital medical supplies. After Yemi died, Eko challenged Emeka’s authority. Emeka and his men were slaughtered by Eko in the village church after confronting him.
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