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Hurley and Libby are washing/drying clothes in the Swan and Hurley finds some of Libby's underwear in his, and holds on his finger, saying "Oh, erm, I think these are yours." Libby asks is he is sure they are not his, and Hurley laughs but is slightly put out. Hurley then talks to Libby, who reveals she is a shrink specialising in marriage and family relationships. She reveals, including annulments, she has had three marriages but now "knows what not to do." She then asks what Hurley's story is, and he tells her he won the lottery, and is pleased she believes him. Hurley then asks Libby out on a walk, who agrees on the condition he does not stand on her foot- a reference to before the flight. This scene was deleted from "Fire + Water".
Thanks to Lostpedia for the outline.

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