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Lost to end in 2010

Thanks to DocArzt over at The Tailsection for the following. Read More from Variety thanks to GAD for the link
Thanks to Doc Jensen for the heads up. USAToday has reported that LOST will end in 2010 after three more sixteen episode seasons. And yes, to answer the first question that came to your mind, this does mean longer hiatuses. Here comes the details.

The end is in sight for ABC's acclaimed island mystery Lost, but fans will have to wait until 2010 for all the answers.

In a highly unusual move, the network announces plans today to end the show after three more shortened seasons of 16 episodes each. The episodes will air consecutively, repeat-free, from February to May.

ABC's bold step marks a response to the show's producers, who have been eager to set a finish line to better plot out their convoluted mystery of plane-crash survivors and to placate fans who are frustrated that the show seemed to be vamping its way to a conclusion. That's four on, eight off for those keeping track.

Source: The Tailsection

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