DarkUFO - Lost

We will shortly be starting the Season 3 awards, but before we get cracking on the voting I wanted to give everyone the chance to help out with the categories.

So far we've got the following categories but was wondering if you all had any other suggestions for categories that you would like added? If you do nominate a new category could you also suggest your options for the poll.

I'm hoping that the voting will be open around the middle of next week, stay tuned. Current Categories are:

Best Episode
Worst Episode
Best Flashback(s)
Worst Flashback(s)
Most Underused Character(s)
Favourite Other
Best Newcomer
Worst Newcomer
Best Death
Most Despised Other
Favorite Character of the season
Best Male actor of season
Best Female actor of season
Most Missed Character
Favourite Couple

Best Title
Best Reveal
Best Plot
Worst Character

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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