DarkUFO - Lost

Another great look back at last night's terrific episode by Jeff Jensen.

If you look to the west this morning and see a mushroom cloud blooming on the horizon, don't panic: That's just the Doc Jensen Laboratory for Lost Theories and Assorted Insanity going up in smoke. The latest in a series of top-notch episodes that have served as a pretty convincing rejoinder to a certain negative review of the show by a certain weekly entertainment magazine (for the record, my friend Gillian Flynn is an awesome critic whose frustration with the series is certainly not unwarranted, even if her opinion of it couldn't be more incorrect. But I digress…), ''The Brig'' was like a box of highly unstable Black Rock dynamite blowing up in my mind. I'm not sure amid the billowing black haze just how much damage has been done to my vast collection of precious conjectures, but I do know this: I really don't have any idea anymore where the heck this damn show's going.

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