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Lost gets a new Dog - Meet Pono

Pono, a yellow Labrador retriever who spends much of his time in the Diamond Head area and on the waves off Waikiki, is about to become a star. But it's not likely to affect his already comfortable life.

The 22-month-old dog will be featured in flashback scenes in Wednesday's episode of "Lost," according to his owner, Virginio "Marcus" Marcos.

Marcos proudly reported that Pono completed all of his scenes in one or two takes, with little effort. Members of the crew erupted in cheers when Pono finished his tasks successfully. And of course, everyone loved him. "He's like this ambassador of aloha," said Marcos.

No wonder. At Marcos' Diamond Head Cove Health Bar, Pono greets everyone who walks in and is especially fond of -- and patient with -- children. He also happens to be an excellent surfer, taking to the waves on Marcos' 12-foot-6 board.

Marcos keeps the board leash tied to Pono's harness, but both have their limits. "If we eat it three times real good, then we go in," said Marcos, who wants to make sure Pono always feels comfortable in the ocean.

Because the dog weighs 90 pounds, Marcos usually encourages Pono to swim next to the board all the way to the beach after a surf session.

Pono also has considerable math skills, which he was happy to show off last week (for a treat, of course).

Marcos wrote 12 divided by 3 on a piece of paper and held it in front of Pono, who promptly barked four times. Marcos also hid a pen, water bottle and towel, then asked Pono to retrieve them one at a time, by name. Then he wrote out the word "Kamehameha," and asked Pono how many letters were in the word. Tail wagging, Pono barked 10 times.

Apparently, the folks at "Lost" enjoy the Health Bar's wholesome fare, and that's where they discovered Pono. Though Marcos could not reveal any plot lines, he hinted that Pono might be asked to return.

Maybe one of these days, they'll find a role for Pono's little buddy and constant companion, a chocolate Lab puppy named Hone.

Source: Star Bulletin

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