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Hey All,
So a couple of days ago Karen and I were joined by new LOST cast member Eric Lange who plays the mysterious and infamous Dharma member Radzinsky!!

We had a great chat with him about his career, how he got the role on LOST, being a fan of the show, he provided us with his thoughts and theories on what is happening and even answered several fan questions.

Thanks to all of your questions and to Eric for joining us!

For some reason when recording the interview some audio distortion occurred and you can hear a slight echo when Karen or Eric speak. When we recorded there was no echo but some how there is. With help from Thirty-Fiver and some audio editing it is not too bad and it actually depends on how you are listening. We apologize in advance if it is bad on your end, but for the most part it turned out well.

The interview is of course available on iTunes, but for those that can not access iTunes below is a link to an audio player with a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: Some minor spoilers are discussed starting at the 47 minute mark.


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