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Hey All,
WOW!! Can you believe it!! One friggen week left for the Season 5 Premiere!!

See I told you all we would help you guys get through the hiatus!! I know it has been tough for all of us, but hey at least we now get 3 months of our favorite show.

Thanks to DarkUFO and all the contributors here, the forum and my site that helped make the hiatus go by just a little better.

In this podcast, Karen and I decided to talk about our favorite and most shocking WTF moments of Season 4. To do this I asked Karen to make a list of Top 5 of each and of course it was hard. She was able to do it, but I couldn't!! Although I did provide you with my thoughts as always.

At the end of the day, this is a nice little quick Season 4 recap to get you all ready for next week!!

The podcast was posted on iTunes yesterday, so for those that can not access iTunes or missed it. Here is a link to the audio in a player and a download link:

NOTE: We tried to adjust some audio levels so hopefully it sounds a bit better on your end.


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