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Update: 23rd Jan We are now no longer accepting submission to the this competition. I've sent all the images over to the 20+ people that help make up SpoilerTV for them to send me back their top 5 each. I will then collate these later today and we'll post a poll of the Top 7 for people to vote on. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you for submitting some fantastic entries and it's a shame that there can only be 1 winner.

Update: 21st Jan WOW! Is about all I can say. I thought I'd have 2 maybe 3 entries for this but I've been blown away by both the quantity and quality of all the submissions. I'm extremely impressed. With so many submissions I'm going to have to set a deadline now as I fear I'll be swamped. I've updated all the submissions below so please check to see if yours is there. If it is not please can you resend it to me. The deadline is now WEDNESDAY 23rd Jan 9:00am GMT.

I'm currently looking for any good graphic artists to help me with a little piece of work. As you may have seen when we post some videos here at DarkUFO the initial image that is shown is the graphic you see below.

I'm looking for someone with good graphic skills to come up with a similar "loading" graphic for the other site I run over at SpoilerTV.

The requirements for the graphic are as follows.

1) The graphic should have the following dimensions 325px * 260px.
2) File format should be JPG or PNG
3) The Graphic needs to have "spoilertv.blogspot.com" visible
4) The deadlines is WEDNESDAY 23rd 9:00am GMT. A Max of 3 submissions per person.
5) I will then discuss these submissions with some of my team and we'll select our 7 favourites which will then be posted as a poll for readers to vote on.

Other than that you're free to do pretty much what you like. If your image is selected I will send you a $30/£15 Amazon voucher to you for your work.

Note: The above video is just a test for demonstration purposes.

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